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Bon Bini

This was originally written on October 6th as an email, but I only got around to modify and post it here now.

“Bon bini” means “welcome” in Papiamento, the creole language of the ABC islands, which seems fitting, since I’m writing this from Curaçao. Yes, that’s right, I’m in the Caribbean right now. But more on that later…

Let’s start from the beginning: I’m happily unemployed and homeless again, which can only mean one thing: prolonged travelling! Before anyone wonders, “I” is still a “we” and P. is somewhere around here, I promise.

Back to the present: our first destination on this trip is Curaçao, mostly because we found a really cheap one-way flight with Air Berlin, which in my book is a rather good reason to go almost anywhere (except for you, Dubai, I’m afraid we’ll never be friends). Except for the 45 minute delay the flight via Duesseldorf was rather uneventful, although the lack of in-seat IFE combined with slightly annoying neighbors made the almost 10 hours seem somewhat longer. Anyway, we got here safe and sound on October 2nd, met some really cool people right away and have been happily idling away the last couple of days. Unfortunately two of our new friends already moved on to Columbia, but the remaining four of our little hostel family are holding up bravely and are going to Klein Curaçao tomorrow as consolation.

We have a flight to Paraguay on October 14th, and while 11 days on Curaçao may seem like stretching it a bit, this is a much-needed break after a rather stressful period back in Vienna.

Since we only got here a couple of days ago it’s too early for any profound observations, but expect more impressions of backpacking on a Caribbean island in the next post.