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Talks and Publications


  • “Penetrationstests mit Metasploit”:
    I contributed a chapter on penetration testing with Metasploit to the anthology Informationstechnologie und Sicherheitspolitik: Wird der dritte Weltkrieg im Internet ausgetragen?.

  • Technical Reviewer for “Ruby and MongoDB Web Development Beginners Guide”:
    Here’s what the author has to say: Big thanks to Michael Kohl, who was of great help in ensuring that every tiny technical detail was accurate and rich in content. I have become “technically mature” because of him!

  • Linux Magazin, 3/2005, “Schneller Weg zur Live-CD”:
    While I was still an active developer for Gentoo Linux, I wrote this article on building custom Live CDs with the Catalyst build tool.

  • WCM (2002-2006):
    Dicontinued Austrian IT magazine. I regularly contributed articles on free software and web technologies, but alas none of them seem to be available online in any form.

Talks and presentations

  • “Penetrationstests mit Metasploit”, September 2011:
    Introduction to the Metasploit framework at the “Linuxwochenende” (“Linux weekend”) 2011 (slides, video)

  • F#”, May 2011:
    An introduction to F#, presented at the Lambdaheads functional programming group.

  • So you want to learn Clojure?”, May 2011:
    Resources for learning Clojure, presented at the Lambdaheads functional programming group.

  • Functional Programming”, November 2009:
    An introduction to functional programming, followed by a hands-on workshop.