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Easy Setup for Clojure on Mac OS X Leopard

Clojure definitely is one of the hottest new programming languages around and just recently hit a very important milestone. Setting up a nice Clojure development environment on OS X still can be a bit of a pain though, which can be seen by the number of HOWTOs and installation notes floating around on the web. I therefore decided to expand one of those into ClojureX, which I believe is the easiest way to get up to speed with Clojure development on Leopard.

ClojureX can

  • download and build the source code for Clojure, clojure-contrib and JLine (a readline like library for Java)
  • download editor support packages for TextMate and Emacs
  • create a symlink for the Clojure startup script in /usr/local/bin
  • install support for TextMate via the clojure-tmbundle
  • configure Emacs to use clojure-mode, Slime and swank-clojure
  • keep your Clojure installation up to date via a simple “git submodule update && ant”

I hope this will come in handy for other people interested in trying out Clojure on Mac OS X, if you have any feedback please post it in the comment section.