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As I’m listening to a lot of music, I thought it may be a nice idea to periodically post my favourite songs.

#5: Against Me! – “Baby, I’m an Anarchist!”: Taken from their great album “Reinventing Axl Rose”, this song is the quintessence of why Against Me! are one of the greatest bands I’ve ever seen live: energetic and sometimes angry folk punk with great lyrics, that just makes you raise your fists in the air and sing along.

#4: Wolfgang Ambros – “Die Kinettn wo i schlof”: Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of Wolfgang Ambros, and I have to say that the music he recorded during the 1970s and early 1980s is defintely among the best music with German (actually Austrian dialect) lyrics I’ve ever heard. If you like Wolfgang’s music as much as I do, you probably should also check out the DVD Hoffnungslos selbstbewusst.

#3: Gogol Bordello – “Start Wearing Purple”: Once described as “Psychopathic Ukrainian Gypsy immigrant folk punk rock”, one immediately knows why Gogol Bordello and their album “Gipsy Punks” are as great as they are.

#2: Tim Fite – “Away From The Snakes”: Teaching The Indie Kids To Dance Again described this song in the following way: “This is every stereotype of country music you’ve ever heard done right. Music for a whiskey soaked night on the plain with a guitar, drifting to nowhere, but desperate to get away, from cheating wives, lying thieves, and generally being shit on”. Great stuff, you should check out the full album called “Gone Ain’t Gone”!

#1: Ninja High School – “It’s alright to fight”: What can be better than a band that describes its own music as “positive hardcore dance-rap”? Not much, that’s for sure! At least I’m completely hooked on their style and am really waiting for their new album “Young Adults Against Suicide”.