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Why Blogging Is Cool

I have to admit that I was really sceptical when this whole blogging thing started a few years back, mostly because I had the feeling that this will only add to all the noise that already makes finding information on the web harder than it needs to be. However, as time moved on and the blogging scene developed, I really came to appreciate this form of communication. Blogs are not only a great way to keep people updated on what you’re currently up to (or to stalk other people for that matter), comments and the possibility of trackbacks also provide great facilities for interesting discussions with a wide variety of people and their differing opinions, especially when aggregators like Technorati and Planet come into play…

Why am I writing this today? Well, not long ago I’ve blogged about my favourite music and mentioned the band “Ninja High School”. And then yesterday I get an email from band member Gregory Collins, telling me that he appreciates I’ve been writing about them and that they are big Linux geeks themselves. Or do you remember that blog where I was really surprised that jabber4r got resurrected? Jabber’s very own “patron saint” Peter Saint-Andre chipped in to tell me about netxmpp-ruby. And then there is all this other valuable input by people like RL friend Martin ‘m3’ Leyrer or Gentoo Universe reader George Prowse, whom I’ve never met in person but who seems to have taken a certain interest in what I’m writing.

And that’s exactly why I just love having a blog that gets aggregated by Planet Gentoo and Gentoo Universe: it gives my random musings a greater audience, which quite often leads to interesting comments or trackbacks I wouldn’t haven gotten otherwise. So thanks to everyone who made this possible, and even more thanks to all the people who care enough to read what I write and help me learn about other views and perspectives by posting comments! :)