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Bored? Don't Worry, Here's a New Programming Language...

Recently – for various degrees of recent that is – people really seem to be into programming language design and development. You’ve probably all heard about Scala, Clojure and Go already, but here are some more new languages which may be new to you (descriptions taken from the projects’ websites):

  • ANI, the experimental, high-performance, statically-safe, fully implicitly parallel, object-oriented, general-purpose dataflow programming language.

  • CoffeeScript is a little language that compiles into JavaScript. […] it compiles into clean JavaScript (the good parts) that can use existing JavaScript libraries seamlessly, and passes through JSLint without warnings. The compiled output is quite readable — pretty-printed, with comments preserved intact.

  • Factor is a concatenative programming language where references to dynamically-typed values are passed between words (functions) on a stack. [It] is expressive, fast, supports interactive development and has a full-featured library.

  • ooc, a modern, object-oriented, functional-ish, high-level, low-level, sexy programming language. It’s translated to pure C with a source-to-source compiler. It strives to be powerful, modular, extensible, portable, yet simple and fast.

  • Yeti, ML style functional programming language, that runs on the JVM.