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23C3: Day 2

Lectures seen on day 2:

Although I’m not into WoW myself, I was looking forward to see Joi talk again at the C3. As expected his lecture was quite entertaining and since it wasn’t about a “heavy” topic it was a perfect starter for what would become a pretty long day.

Tor and China
As you might know I’m a big supporter of Tor and have studied Chinese for several years, so this was a lecture I was obviously really interested in. The talk was pretty nice, although it didn’t offer too much for people already familiar with Tor. Besides that I was a little disappointed that it actually had so little to do with China, that one could easily have used $genericEvilCountry as an adequate substitute.

Metalab, C-Base and Netzladen introduced their projects and the challenges involved in creating a Hackerspace in a light-hearted way which was just perfect for me since I was quite tired at that time.

Stealth malware – can good guys win?
Joanna Rutkowska is gorgeous and clever, so she can basically talk about whatever she wants and I will want to marry her afterwards.

Ãœberwachen und Strafen in Entenhausen
Ok, but not as funny as her talk 2 years ago.

You can’t make this stuff up
You can’t blame Fefe and Ilja for trying, but IMHO this was only a weak substitute for the “Literatisches Code-Quartett”.

But the real highlight of the day started at around midnight, when Monochrom started to perform what they call “proto-melodischen interventionismus”. It’s pretty hard to describe how funny this spontaneous concert which moved through the whole building really was if you haven’t been there, so you just have to believe me that this was great stuff!

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