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23C3: Day 1

Lectures seen on day 1:

Who can you trust?
Business as usual: introduction by Tim Pritlove, followed by the keynote. This year’s speaker was EFF’s John Perry Barlow, who talked about ethics and responsibility in the hacker community. Quite nice, although I wasn’t all too fond of the way he encouraged people to police their fellow hackers. But for me the most interesting thing possibly was the confirmation of a Chaos Communication Camp in August 2007!

Design and Implementation of an object-oriented, secure TCP/IP Stack
Quite interesting and despite Andreas Bogk’s involvement it didn’t include too much Dylan advocacy.

The Grim Meathook Future
Despite not really having a concept, this lecture wasn’t all bad. The speaker was a quite funny and opinionated guy, as were the people who joined the discussion in the end. Nothing great, but quite entertaining.

Dylan Introduction
No concept, terrible English, and altogether not really informative – at least if this wasn’t your first contact with Dylan.

My personal highlight for the day: interesting topic, good and funny presentation, motivating people to go out and have fun. That’s how talks at the CCC should be.

Know Your Citizens
Hacking the Electoral Law
We don’t trust voting computers
Revenge of the Female Nerds
Since I’ve been to this talks but haven’t payed close attention (IRC, surfing, working on a MySQL problem with berq etc.), I can’t really say much about them. I picked up the occasional interesting fact, but other than that I don’t think I really missed much.

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