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Look, It's Another Console War

As you may know I’m a big fan of video game consoles. I currently own two NES, a SNES, a Mega Drive (aka Genesis), a PS1, a Dreamcast, a Game Cube and loads of games. I also played quite a lot on the other systems common in Europe (Saturn, N64, PS2, Xbox). Among the listed systems, the Dreamcast is probably still my favorite for being really innovative and having lots of great games, with the GC coming in a close second. But I’ve had great times with all of them – the original Mario Kart on the SNES and most Square titles on the PS1 come to mind. Of course I also love handhelds and own an original Game Boy (which is unfortunately broken), a GBA and a black Nintendo DS LIte, which IMHO is the coolest portable gaming system I’ve ever seen (with honorable mentions for the Sega Nomad and the Turbo Express).

As you can see I own everything Nintendo ever made except for the N64, which too had a lot of great games but which I somehow never bought. And I really love their products. But I also was always very fond of Sega’s systems, and when the company announced that they wouldn’t produce any more consoles after the DC, I was pretty sure that I won’t buy another game console ever. That held true for a surprisingly long time, until I got myself a GC at the beginning of this year, because (1) the console fever got me again and (2) it was ridiculously cheap because it was already close to the end of it’s life cycle. And although I currently hardly take the time to play with the systems I already own, I’m considering buying a seventh generation console.

Ladies and gentleman, it’s Xbox 360 vs PS3 vs. Wii. I’m definitely not going to get myself a PS3. First off I’m not interested in Blu-ray, HDMI and the other fancy stuff, and secondly I think Sony sucks. Besides that at least two of my friends will get one, so I can play the newest PES or GTA with them. So of course the Wii would be an obvious choice: it has Twilight Princess, is made by Nintendo and features this incredibly cool controller. And did I mention Twilight Princess? Besides that it offers wireless, the option to play my GC games (I could save a little room by storing the GC someplace else), a cool download feature and I’m sure there will be interesting possibilities to use it in conjunction with the DS. But yesterday I suddenly realized that I never considered the Xbox 360. None of my friends has one, and nobody mentioned any plans to buy it. So I read up on it a little, and somehow I started to like the system. Sure, it’s made by the big evil company and it doesn’t exactly offer original games. But it has Gears of War, F.E.A.R, Prey and a lot more good shooters. And I really like playing shooters. Then there’s Oblivion, which by itself may justify getting a 360. Considering the upcoming Halo 3 and Star Trek Legacy, the system might well be worth its money for me. Plus I’ve never owned a Microsoft console. Actually I was pretty sure I never will, but since colo mentioned that he’s interested in a PSP, I’m surprised by anything anymore.

Anyway, I’m still pondering wether to buy a new console or not, but if I do, I’m not sure anymore that I will be a Wii.

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