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I'm a Busy Little Boy

As always December turns out to be the busiest month of the year: Last Monday I met up with berq and colo for beer, dinner and nerd talk, which I really enjoyed. On Thursday the ominous [[:bbs:]] had its Christmas party, which as expected led to loads of consumed alcohol and a headache on the next day. Nonetheless I joined the Viennese Pardus meeting on Friday after having dinner with Silvia and a friend of hers. Yesterday Steve came to Vienna, so we and some other friends went to have dinner (best Sushi I ever enjoyed outside of Asia) and some drinks afterwards. Since this week’s schedule didn’t leave me enough time to attend my Taekwondo classes, I got up after ~6h of sleep this morning to attend the class at 10:00am.

But that’s not all, as next week will be equally busy: On Wednesday I’m going to see Placebo at the Wiener Stadthalle. Yes, that’s quite different from the rather small punk and hardcore concerts I usually go to, but I somehow like them and want to see if they’ll live up to their good reputation as a live band. On Thursday yours truly will attend the Christmas party of his former employer, while on Friday my current company will have one. Saturday I’ll meet up with a friend of mine who’s visiting from Beijing, while I plan on spending a relaxing day at the spa on Sunday.

As far as I can tell now the week before Christmas will also be full with dinners, parties and other appointments, and the week after that I’m in Berlin for the 23C3. To cut a long story short: if you’re interested in a meeting either join me for one of the activities listed above or you’ll probably have to wait until 2007. Wow, I feel important now.

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