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June was pretty busy, so I only managed to blog once. So here’s a little update of what happened during the past few weeks:

Still the same old bullsh*t, except that I spent 7 days at a customer’s site in Upper Austria, where we set up several virtual Heartbeat clusters in VMware Server. Summary: the scenery and people in Upper Austria are pretty nice, VMware is one of the coolest things since the invention of sliced bread and Heartbeat really can be a bitch to set up correctly (no surprises here I guess).

Got myself a nice widescreen 19" LCD for my beloved Mac Mini. I also decided that it’s about time to get a new digital camera, since my old one broke ages ago. I finally settled on an Olympus SP-700, which Amazon sold for a really good price. The camera arrived last Thursday, and from what I’ve seen so far I’m really impressed with my new gadget. Today I once again went on a DVD buying spree and bought Ken Park, Romper Stomper, Bad Taste and the first season of The Sopranos. Next on my list are an external Mac Mini HD like the miniStack and a new notebook. Unfortunately neither the MacBook nor the MacBook Pro does really cut it for me (no 12" version, too heavy, too hot and far too many issues reported by early adopters), so I will probably settle for an X60s running Gentoo. I’d really would have loved to buy a portable Mac, but I’m not enough of an Apple fanboy to buy a product which doesn’t really fit my needs…

If you want to read a really good book by a Cuban author, you definitely should try The Insatiable Spiderman by Pedro Juan Gutiérrez. Next on my list is "Playing the Moldovans at Tennis ":, which I’ll start reading tomorrow. I also got myself a copy of Mac OS X Tiger: Missing Manual, which has shown me some neat tricks although it mainly targets a non-techy audience.

Geek stuff:
I’ve always been a great fan of tiling window managers like Ion3. However, lately I fell in love with wmii, which I think is an absolutely amazing WM. I’m using version 3, which features dynamic window management as known from acme or Oberon. Reading the guide doesn’t take longer than about 15 minutes, after which I was already able to conviniently work with wmii. So far the experience is really great, and I haven’t even started using the scripting capapilites 9P offers… Additionally using wmii once again made me play around with Plan 9, an operating system I’ve been strangely interested in ever since I first heard about it around 6 years ago. Note to self: spend some time with the 9fans at 23C3!

Another month spent without doing anything Gentoo related. To be completely honest, my Gentoo box has only been started twice since I moved into my new apartment in early March. Given that I’ll be on holidays for around 10 days in July, you once again shouldn’t expect too much activity from me… :( I’m really thinking about leaving the project, as I’m currently not doing anything which warrants my developer status. Probably the only alternative to that would be dropping all the ebuilds I’m currently working on, and to focus solely on Gentoo-alt, maintaining the Gentoo/FreeBSD and Gentoo/NetBSD docs, while also working on Gentoo for Mac OS X (although Fink works really well for me). Input wanted!

September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Yarr!

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