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Sure, I Can Wait...

My Mac Mini is almost here! “Almost?”, I hear you asking? Yep, almost, because this morning when the nice lady from the logistics company who is delivering my shiny new toy called, the dialog went something like this.

Me: Hello?
Ms. Logistics: Hi, it’s Ms. Logistics from Foobar Logistics. I have a delivery from Apple for you!
Me (silently): Finally we can take over the world, Igor.
Ms. Logistic: We want to deliver it today, when will you be home?
Me: Well, right after work, 6:30pm, 7:00pm to be on the safe side.

(That’s where Ms. Logistics showed me how good she is in producing awkward silences.)

Me: Lemme guess, that’s too late?
Ms. Logistics: Unfortunately, yes. How about tomorrow morning?
Me: Sure, morning’s fine. I’ll be home until about 8:45am.
Ms. Logistics: Uh..ahm..
Me: That’s too early then?
Ms. Logistics: Yeah, I can’t promise a delivery that early [sic!]… How about 10:00 to 10:30am.
Me: Sure, who needs to go to work anyway? How about the weekend?
Ms. Logistics: I’m afraid we don’t deliver on weekends…
Me: Arrrghhhhhhhhhh!
(Disclaimer: Wording changed for emphasis.)

Finally we agreed on a delivery on Friday afternoon, where at least my girlfriend will be home because she works for a company which – strangely enough – believes that Austrian laws regarding maxium work hours per week are to be taken seriously.

And the morale of the story? Try to work for a logistics company, where you’ll have immense amounts of free time, because they apparently only deliver between 10:37am and 4:23pm on even numbered days… Seriously, I’m the last person to expect anyone to work 24/7, but those times Ms. Logistics offered me just don’t work for anyone who has a regular day job.

Conclusion: Get rid of the day job before ordering the MacBook! ;)

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