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Go! Away! Please!

Today when my girlfriend tried to log in to one of her favourite sites to download some music she paid for, her login credentials didn’t work. When she wrote an email to the support team (after automatic retrieval of the login credentials and checking them for correctness of course), she received the following answer:

Hey Silvia, many systems cannot recognize symbols in passwords.  We have updated your profile and removed the symbol from your password  so you should be able to successfully login to your account now. Your new password is [snipped]
[insert company name] Support

What do we learn from this?

1. They want to make us believe “+” is a symbol many systems can’t recognize. Sure. Besides thanks for assuming we’re too stupid to try out special characters (aka “symbols”) in the user name field after several failed log in attempts.
2. They store their customer’s passwords in cleartext.
3. They change user profiles without permission to avoid looking for the real problem.
4. They even try to make it look like a good solution (“you should be able to succesfully login to your account now”).
5. They suck like most tech supports do.

When I read replies like that, I really wonder how people would treat a mechanic who says “I don’t know what the problem with your engine is, but many streets don’t recognize your tires so I’ve changed them. Besides that I changed your ignition lock and made a backup key for myself. All cool, eh?”.

My only hope: those guys obviously are dull boys, and dull boys don’t get chicks. If we’re just a little lucky, the gene pool will sort itself out.

P.S. Yeah, I might be a little p*ssed after spending 13 hours in the office.

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