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Citizen428 Weekly Telegram

Saturday, February 18:
teemow and Steffi came from Cologne to Vienna. Spent the night at B72, Chelsea and Elektro Gönner. Nice.

Sunday, February 19:
Had a decent brunch with my girlfriend at Restaurant Leopold. Then had some coffee at the Bluebox with teemow, Steffi and Laki. The “Coheed and Cambrea” concert in the evening got postponed again, so I went to the “Einhorn” with my former flatmate Doris to have some beers…

Tuesday, February 21:
Attended the IT Suppliers Day of one of our customers. Went to Laki’s place with my girlfriend in the evening to have some Caipiroskas with him, teemow and Steffi.

Wednesday, February 22:
Met my co-conspirators (details to follow) berq and colo (who now has a blog too) at the Käuzchen. Got drunk again, but it was definitely worth it… ;)

Friday, February 24:
Had some great lunch – Seafood Soup and Walleye In White Wine Sauce – at Alberto’s with my boss and the WCM guys. I’ll do a nice article series for them starting in June. More info will follow.

Saturday, February 25:
Went to the office for a workshop (around 2,5 hours), which was actually pretty informative and nice. Started reading The Cocka Hola Company and love it.

Sunday, February 26:
Had brunch with Karin and Andi at the Lux, which IMHO offers one of the best breakfast deals in town (all you can eat buffet with great antipasti and lots of other good stuff for Euro 8,40!). Highly recommended!

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