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Capitalism Stole My Virginity...

…but it bought me a Game Cube.

Today at work I got so p*ssed that I decided to go out and spend some money on stuff I don’t really need. In the end I bought a Nintendo Game Cube, Mario Kart Double Dash!!, a memory card, and an additional controller in a shop close to my work, as well as a copy of Metroid Prime on eBay which I should get in a few days.

Q: You know that capitalism only works by making you so depressed that you just need to buy something in order to feel better?
A: Yes, that’s why I’m also pretty ashamed every time I fall for this, but sometimes you just can’t help it…

Q: Don’t you think that sucks then?
A: Sure I do, but you can’t get drunk all the time.

Q: Why a Game Cube and not a PS2/X-Box/whatever?
A: I’ve collected game consoles starting from the old NES until Sega stopped producing their own consoles after my beloved Dreamcast. Personally I just think that Nintendo and Sega rock, while MS and Sony…ahm…just don’t. I don’t need the newest and greatest hardware, I just want a nice platform which offers the kind of games I like to play. Additionally I already own a Game Boy Advance for several years, which can be used in conjuction with the Game Cube.

Q: You could have bought that Game Cube a lot earlier.
A: That’s not a question.

Q: But still…
Well, after Sega announced that they won’t release any new consoles, I got so depressed and ended my career as a video game collector (I never really liked PC games). Now that I spontanously changed my mind, the Game Cube was the only system I considered worth buying. No flame wars please, I quite regularly play PS2 and X-Box games when hanging out with friends, I just don’t want to spend my own money on those particular systems.

Q: Will you start blogging about Game Cube games now?
A: There might be the occasional post on this topic, but this site definitely won’t turn into a gaming blog.

Q: What about the revolution?
See blog subtitle.

Q: Have you turned into a bitter cynic lately?
You’ve noticed? If I only knew what could be the reason

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