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Hooray for Turkish Food

If you know me, you also know how much I love food. I can’t think of many things which are better than spending a nice evening with friends in a restaurant, having a great dinner and an interesting conversation.

My favorite food definitely comes from East Asian cuisines, which may or may not have to do with the fact that I’ve lived in China for a while. It’s hard to choose between Chinese, Japanese or Korean food, because all of these countries have great dishes: Gongbao jiding anyone? Or do you prefer some Yakitori? Or maybe have some Bulgogi

Now that we’ve established that East Asian food is just great, it’s time to talk about another country’s great cuisine: Turkey! Yep, I just love Turkish food! Come on, they have Döner Kebab, Dürüm Kebab, Lahmacun (a kind of pizza), cacik, Köfte (delicious meatballs), Dolma, Börek and lots of other great stuff. And don’t even get me started on the desserts… Baklava and Helva, followed by some nice Turkish coffee. And I haven’t even talked about Ayran and all the other great Turkish food and drinks that come to my mind… Luckily enough Austria (and to an even larger extent Germany) has lots of Turkish fast-food joints and restaurants, so I just can go and get me one of my favorite dishes whenever I feel like it. :) BTW: Berg, if you’re reading this, invite me for dinner and cook some great Turkish food… ;)

To finish off this topic I’ll give you some links to a type of food which is almost too good to really be true, namely the Uighur cuisine, which combines elements from Chinese, Turkish and Arabic food: Uighur Food, The Uighurs – Cuisine and Xinjiang-Style Cuisine.

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