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3, 2, 1... Relax!

Remember the band Frankie Goes To Hollywood? That’s good, but actually they have nothing to do with this blog entry, except for one thing: they’ve once recorded a song called “Relax” and that’s what I finally managed to do today! :)

After feeling pretty burned out recently, my girlfriend and me decided to spend an evening at the spa. We haven’t done this for ages, but it was exactly what I needed to get my head free again. When we arrived there I thought I’m going to mostly swim lanes, but then I decided that I do enough of those at my weekly waterpolo training… That’s why in the end we opted for a wellness program, including water massage, sauna and other nice things.

To make a long story short: I’m really relaxed and feel more motivated again, so the whole thing really was worth the 10 Euro it cost me.

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