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You probably don’t want to know what I’ve been up to lately, but mean bastard that I am, I’m going to tell you anyway.

Wednesday: Watched another Chinese movie at the Viennale, which was called Hong Yan. If you like quiet movies which tell simple stories, this one definitely is a good choice. I liked it quite a lot, so I really recommend you try to see this one!

Thursday: My girl friend and me had lunch at the Wiener Deewan, which is located in Vienna’s 9th district. It’s a nice small restaurant with Indian/Pakistani food, which has a unique concept: All you can eat, pay what you want! Really! They have several great curries, salad and bread. Quite a lot of dishes are vegetarian, and everything’s delicious. And although the drinks sell for fixed prices and are not included in the “pay what you want”, you get free tap water with the food, so you don’t feel obliged to order drinks. The dal is fantastic, as are the other vegetarian dishes and the lamb curry. The restaurant itself is small and packed, which together with the intersting mix of people adds up to a nice and relaxed athmosphere. Definitely a good place to go if you are in Vienna and dig Indian food!

Friday: Football! Went to Parndorf to watch the Sportklub game, which we lost 4:0. Later we collectively tried hard to erase our memories of that game, and I somehow ended up in a strange location I’ve never been before, watching a Russian/American surf punk band called The Jancee Pornick Casino. Here’s a little info from their web site: The trio calls their own style Las Vegas-punk and Russian surf, but there are many more ingredients like rockabilly, beat music and even 60’s elevator music, all being laced with a good jug of good-hearted Russian humor making the Pornick sound so vivid and unique. These are some wild boys but, man, they can also play their instruments! Unfortunately we came rather late and only saw the last few songs, but the gig was pretty cool and I’ll probably buy one or two of their CDs once I have money again… (Hint: If you now feel a strange urge to buy me one now, I surely won’t stop you!)

Saturday: On Saturday my friend Steve decided that Salzburg is way too boring, so he came to Vienna to visit museums, meet friends and for generally having a good time. We had food and some beers at the Blue Box, before moving on to the Xeno, where I finish off a lot of my nights out with a last beer on my way home… It was a relaxed and nice evening, especially since I hadn’t seen Steve for quite some time before this.

Sunday: I’m sure that like most other days Sunday had a morning and afternoon as well, but I only remember watching TV in the evening and listening to the first episode of Cory Doctorow’s new podcast, When Sysadmins Ruled the World. It’s really great and I can’t wait to hear the next episode, so I definitely recommend this to you my fellow geeks and nerds!

Monday: Went to the Big Time International Pub where some Austrian Pardus players had a little meetup. All in all there were 8 people, we had some beer, talked a lot about the game and generally had a good time. You still don’t play Pardus yet? Well, then you certainly should start!

Tuesday: Nothing special. Did some long overdue university stuff, hung out in the Pardus alliance chat and watched 3sat for the whole day. They have a China special going on, so it’s 24 hours of documentaries and movies about the “Middle Kingdom”. Some of this has been quite interesting, and how often do you get a chance to claim watching TV is related to university?

I’ve also played around with some technical stuff and found a really nice project I hardly can wait to tell you about, but I’ll leave that for another blog. I’ll now try to find out what happened to the last few hours, because I just noticed it’s close to 9:30pm already and it only feels like 6:30 or something… Oh, before I forget it: I added a ClustrMap to my blog’s sidebar, so that from now on I can check from where in the world my blog gets read. South America and Africa don’t seem to be particularly interested in what I write, which makes the kittens sad. And does nobody around here ever think about the children?*

Disclaimer: I neither have children nor kittens, but I didn’t want to drag Baby Jesus into this mess. If I would he’d be crying though…