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Look Who's Back...

Seems like I haven’t had a post on Planet for quite some time now, which may have to do with he fact that I’m officially away in October… However, there are times when I just don’t want to learn for that frigging exam, so here’s a little status update on my Gentoo work:

  • Gentoo/ALT documentation: Since we will soon start to recruit Arch Testers for the Gentoo/ALT project, I converted our old docs to handbook format, moved them around and wrote some new things. This led to the not-quite-finished Gentoo/ALT Contributor’s Guide, which is intended to be the one place where people interested in our project should find all the necessary information. I’ll still need a few more hours to fix typos and check other docs for now deprecated URLs, but other than that it’s fairly complete, so I hope it’s useful to you!

  • Gentoo/ALT Arch Testers: As mentioned above the Gentoo/ALT project will recruit Arch Testers soon. Somehow Flameeyes managed to convince me to become the operational lead for our ATs, and hparker already brought me up to speed on what that task involves. As I think that good documentation is really important before we start bringing anyone on board, I first want to finish the new handbook before recruiting begins. Once we are actually starting to look for fresh blood, you’ll find announcements in the usual locations (GWN, gentoo-dev, here).

  • Nitro: Yesterday George released version 0.24.0 of his really nice web application framework! There are lots of cool new features, like a complete reworked annotation/property system, support for KirbyBase, SCGI support, experimental HTTP streaming support, improved scaffolding and lots of other great stuff! Seeing how busy George has been, I thought that the ebuilds for all Nitro related packages deserve some extra love, like moving the DBMS use flags to the og ebuild instead of the nitro one (where they really belong, in case someone wants to use og without Nitro), as well as adding some extra useflags. Given that I already commited cmdparse, KirbyBase and an updated version of Facets to CVS, it shouldn’t take much longer until an “emerge nitro” will get you the new and shiny 0.24.0!

  • MySQL upgrade guide: Lately there has been quite a lot of feedback on the MySQL upgrade guide vivo and I have written. Please rest assured that we’re trying to update the doc accordingly ASAP. Unfortunately last time I checked days still don’t have more than a measly 24 hours, and this guide isn’t exactly top of my priority list…