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Layout Changes

As you can see, I’ve once again changed the template I’m using for my blog. As I’ve told you before the Kubrick port was only a temporary solution, but it got on my nerves faster than I expected. There are just too many sites using it…

I now use a style called “Blogger-Tabacco” by Frédéric Wenzel, which I think looks pretty cool. I’ve changed the CSS to better suit my taste though: the image initially was on the left, but I thought this interferes too much with the main content. I therefore put it on the right and switched it horizontally. After this I had to move the header a little, otherwise the top left corner would have been way too empty.

Now I’m pretty happy with the new look, although there are still a few more tweaks I want to apply to the stylesheet. I guess this template will stay a little longer than the last one, but who knows what mood I’m in next week… ;)