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Dawn of the Dead, Ruby Monday, Doc FreeBSD

The wonders of FOSS: jabber4r is a Jabber library for Ruby, which has seen its last release in early March 2004. As the package seemed to have problems with newer (>=1.8.2) versions of Ruby, I refrained from adding it to the tree. Well, at least until today, when my Rubyforge tracker informed me that jabber4r-0.8.0 has just been released. It’s in CVS already, so it soon should be available on a mirror near you. Enjoy!

Also new to the tree is PDF::Writer, a library that allows you to create PDFs from Ruby. Sounds cool? It sure is! Go check out the demos if you don’t believe me…

Also some kind soul informed me that yesterday I posted a wrong link to my Gentoo related ta-da list, so here’s the correct URL: I also updated my original post with the correct address.

The last paragraph of this blog goes out to all the Gentoo/FreeBSD developers, especially Flameeyes who submitted a comment to my last entry: if you need anything added to the Gentoo/FreeBSD guide, just send me an email with the desired content and I’ll update the doc ASAP. Really. ;)