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Don't You Invest in Me!

The only thing really remarkable about the last few weeks is my complete and utter lack of motivation. It’s really hard to drag oneself out of bed, when the only things one is able to do afterwards are watching TV and playing video games. At least it’s a good mood for listening to nice music. Here are some lyrics from the album “Tiger”, created by the ingineous The Robocop Kraus. Go buy that album. Seriously.

What is plastic will always be plastic, and plastic people keep repeating everything.” (Boy Frank)

When your fight seems dated just like mine postmodernism has won this time!” (Postmodernism Has Won This Time)

She was sitting in the window seat staring out, her soul was laid bare in her face and I shrunk from looking at it, as if it talked too openly of private things, it talked to openly of private things.” (Shaking The High Towers)

This is modern attraction, this is modern attraction, unable to grasp more than a fraction of the thousands of head lights and windshields and radiator grills that are flashing at me, more than a thousand of messages that the people are secretly giving away, that are flashing at me.” (Modern Attraction)

And finally here are the complete lyrics of the great song “Tell The Kids That It’s Alright”:

The morality of the young soul says don’t do anything. So when you start doing something you rule out morality. When puberty’s poetry cannot grasp the horror of all the nice people and the cute people who nevcer had any bad intentions tell the kids that it’s alright!

Finding and enjoying the excellent “Quiet Days in Cliche” is left as an excercise to the reader.