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Viennale 2011

From the “better late than never” department, here’s a quick writeup of the movies I saw this year.

  • Ha-shoter: The story of a member of an Israeli anti-terror unit and a group of young radicals. This had a lot of potential, but all in all it was a very disappointing experience. I don’t know what it was, but neither the actors nor the storytelling convinced me in any way.
  • The Future: Miranda July’s second feature length film was my personal highlight of this years Viennale. It was witty, thoughtful and also very sad at times and has the same quirkiness that made “Me and You and Everyone We Know” such an excellent movie.
  • Schlafkrankheit: The story of a German aid worker in Africa. This was neither particularly good, nor was it awful. Not a bad movie, but if you never see it, you won’t miss much.