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Information Overload 2011-06-26

  • Fish don’t know they’re in water
    This is something I also learned while traveling, the further you go away from home, the more you realize that many things you take as granted are just part of your own culture.
  • Don’t Know Much About History
    While I hope that history lessons in Europe aren’t as bad as they apparently are in the US, I remember from my own high-school days that the subject is often taught in awful ways.
  • The story of the Gömböc
    This is why math is cool: what starts as a weird theory, is later discovered to actually exist in nature.
  • How do magnets work?
    A very nice explanation of magnetism.
  • Why numbering should start at zero
    A letter by Edsger W. Dykstra gives a reason for why array indexing should start with 0 (“an element’s ordinal (subscript) equals the number of elements preceding it in the sequence”).
  • New Japanese Pop Idol Shocks Fans With News — She’s Not Real
    With the amount of crazy news coming out of Japan, it’s surprising the country doesn’t feature here more regularly.
  • An Indian summary
    Great visualization of Indian states compared to countries. Maharashtra for example has the GDP of Singapore, but a per head roughly like Sri Lanka.
  • How European Elites Lost a Generation
    A good article to understand some of the motivations behind the protests of young people everywhere in Europe.
  • Lucky Yingluck
    With the Thai elections around the corner, this article provides some insights into the current election campaign.
  • Criminalizing free speech
    On free speech and extra-legal killings.