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Motivating MethodFinder Feedback

Apparently there was a certain demand for MethodFinder and after being mentioned on Ruby5, it now has almost 150 followers on GitHub as well as over 200 downloads on Rubygems, which is more than I ever expected. There’s also been some very nice feedback on Twitter:

MethodFinder, where have you been all my life?

[…] that MethodFinder is quite awesome though I’m not sure I’ve ever needed one

MethodFinder is one of the coolest things about Squeak. Neat to see it’s been ported to Ruby

MethodFinder in ruby has to be the coolest Gem I’ve ever seen


I loved Smalltalk’s method finder. Now there is one for Ruby. Cool!

This is one neat piece of code

Hulk WANTS for #clojure.

Holy shitballs, I need to learn SmallTalk

This is great for Ruby newbies like me !

#Ruby method finder ftw!

Really amazing!!

That’s quite motivating and I’m currently experimenting with some ideas that might eventually lead to another tool useful for Ruby learners.