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Rubinius Build Woes

A couple of days ago I decided that I want to play around with Rubinius, so I cloned the source from GitHub and thought I was ready to go. As it turned out that wasn’t quite the case, since my first attempt to build it ended in the second error can see here:

I hopped into #rubinius to find out if more people have this problem, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. At least I learnt that most active develop is going into the ‘stackfull’ branch, so I did a ‘git checkout origin/stackfull’ and gave the build another try, which resulted in the first error message you see above.

Determined not to give up, I decided to try one last time with ‘rake vm:clean’ and ‘rake build:debug’ and to my surprise ended up with a working Rubinius install :-)


<span class='line'>$ bin/rbx -v
</span><span class='line'>rubinius 0.11.0-dev (ruby 1.8.6) (f5260b581 12/31/2009) [i686-apple-darwin9.6.0]</span>

That made me somewhat curious, so I tried ‘rake vm:clean’ and ‘rake build’ which now also worked (still can’t build master though). I have to admit that I’m slightly confused, but at least I have a working Rubinius version to play around with for the time being.


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