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Ruby and RubyLearning Keep Me Busy

If you are interested in finally learning Ruby, but don’t have the motivation to do it on your own, you should definitely check out RubyLearning, it’s a great way to learn together with other people but at your own pace.

Right now I’m involved in three different courses as a student and/or mentor:

  • First off there’s the 10th batch of the free Core Ruby Programming course, which started on January 23rd and has over 700 participants, some of whom are really active. I have a GitHub repo for this course, but to avoid spoilers I haven’t committed the exercises from week 5-8 yet. BTW: the next batch will start on March 14th! :)
  • I’m also participating in the paid Ruby Programming with Shoes course which is quite a lot of fun, the repo can be found here.
  • Last but not least there is a free course on Git and GitHub which will start this Saturday (January 21st), so if you are interested in that topic you should sign up right away!

Besides all these courses I’m working on a Shoes tutorial together with ashbb, have my own little Shoes experiments and am reading quite some interesting articles.

Happy Rubying everyone!