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You Won't Believe Who Just Wrote You...

It’s been so long since I last wrote an email too all of you guys, that I really don’t know where to start. But even if I knew, it would be an email of epic proportions, which I’d rather leave to Spyro. So how about a quick rundown instead?

  • Nepal: after India, Spyro and I went to Nepal where we stayed for 3 month from early July on. It’s a cool place with really nice people and due to rather recent political developments it was quite an interesting time to be there. But the most important thing is that I fell in love there. Although technically I probably fell in love in Turkey already. But then love followed me to Nepal and fell on me. “Love” also has a name, which is Paola. She’s Italian, I live in Italy now. There might be a connection. Oh yeah, I also went up to Everest Base Camp (around 17,000 ft) with Spyro and a group of 5 Indians, which was quite nice. It also taught me a very important lesson about myself: I’m a city person and mountains annoy me after a while, even if they are the highest and most beautiful in the world.
  • Bangladesh: the biggest surprise of this trip for me, Bangladesh turned out be a wonderful place, full of surprises and lovely randomness. If you are up for a travel destination that’s not overrun by tourists, you should definitely consider this an option. Spy will probably be there longer, so go bother… I mean go and keep him company! Anyway, since it’s hard to describe Bangladesh in only a few lines – and I really don’t feel like writing many right now – you should go find out yourself. While you are at it, make sure to ride the Volcano in Wonderland (an amusement park) in Dhaka, it’s quite a life changing experience. One more thing: our stay in Dhaka would never have been the same without Shipu – the CS host we stayed with – and his wonderful friends who are mostly artists from the Dhaka Fine Arts Academy. Thanks for introducing us to all this wonderful people, taking us to Hindu festivals, arranging to us for be in a movie and so much more. You ARE the jungle king, Shipu!
  • Italy: since October 30th I’m now in Italy, more specifically Milano. I live here, which I can prove by owing a public transport pass. I’m also looking for a job right now, keep your fingers crossed this coming Friday! Isn’t it ironic to have a job interview on the 1 year anniversary of my unemployment? Besides that Paola and I are currently looking for a flat and once we got one exclusive invitations for visiting us will be sent out to a select few (read: if you wanna come and crash on the couch, sending an email doesn’t hurt, we may be able to put you up).
  • Spain: Before I forget it, I finally made it to Barcelona: Paola and I went there for 9 days end of November/beginning of December. Apparently there’s only two groups of people, the ones who love the city and the ones who hate it. If i have to choose between those 2 extremes, I definitely fall more in the first category, we really did enjoy our time there!

That’s it for today kids, some of you I’m supposed to see rather soon anyway. All the others probably are aware of the fact that I miss them, even though I can be horrible at staying in touch, answering mails etc. But that’s part of why you love me, right?

Hugs and kisses,