Try to learn something about everything


Here we go for part two of my “amazing” adventures. And despite Istanbul being only the second stop on my trip, it seems like I’ll already throw my plans overboard here. In theory I will board a plane on Monday morning and go to Muscat (Oman), from where I’d head to Mumbai on the 29th. My friend Josiah already expects me there and we have a road trip to Goa and Bangalore planned.

The only problem is, I don’t see myself leaving Istanbul right now, and I don’t even really know why. Sure, there are some pretty amazing sights, but that’s definitely not what fascinates me. Plus I’ve already been to a lot of them (Hagia Sofia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi palace, Galata Tower, the Basilica Cistern and so on). It’s more about the whole Asia meets Europe and tradition meets modernity thing I guess. And the fact that I never before stayed in a city which seems to exactly have my pace.

So? Honestly, I don’t know. The current idea is to find a cheap room in a shared flat and stay there till end of April/end of May and learn as much Turkish as possible in that time. In all likelihood India will still be there in a couple of month and my visa is valid till mid-July, so this part of my travels can easily be postponed.

Hope all of you are doing fine, keep me updated on what you are up to!