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How NOT to Book Flights (Yes, Again)

A friend and I decided that we don’t want to spend New Year’s Eve in Vienna, so we’ve been discussing various options since last Friday. Since I couldn’t convince him to celebrate in Tirana, we finally settled on Rome. So today we start hunting for tickets, find some semi-decent ones with Austrian, but somehow don’t book them right away. A couple hours pass and when we finally get our lazy butts to the online booking site, we discover that the return flight for January 2nd is gone. Anyway, a couple of mishaps and coordination problems later, I finally have tickets for December 28 and January 1st. However, when my friend tried to book the same itinerary, it turns out that the flights already became more expensive, so he didn’t book them. This is kinda awkward, since he was the one who originally wanted to go to Rome, whereas I would have been open for a lot of other options too. We’re currently discussing splitting the additional costs for his tickets, so I really hope that they will still be available at the time he tries to book them…

And in case you wonder: Yes, it’s the friend who was also involved in the Romania incident.

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