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A Tiring Week

Got bored at work, so I ordered an ASUS WL-500GP to finally replace my trusty old Netgear MR314. It’s supported by OpenWrt and DD-WRT, features 2 USB Ports and is pretty cheap. What more could I possibly ask for?

In the evening I met parasew whom I haven’t seen in a long time and who really should take up blogging again! Alas it was a little too nice, which made me stay for way too long (around 3:30am) given that I had to get up at 6:30am on Friday.

Tired, tired, tired! Work wasn’t supposed to be stressful, since a Brocade fibre channel workshop was scheduled for the whole day. But of course one of our customers had a problem which needed fixing, so Christian and me had to go there to prove our ninja-like problem solving abilities.

Attended a Taekwondo seminar from 2pm until around 7:15pm, which was really cool but quite exhausting. I also took my first grading (including breaking) and promoted to 9th kup.

Didn’t do much for most of the day since I had quite a bad hangover (hey, at least this time I had an excuse for getting drunk), but then decided to attend the pretty nice XHTML+CSS workshop at the Metalab.

Since I couldn’t really sleep the night before, I was pretty tired for most of the day… Nonetheless I attended a friend’s birthday party in the evening, where I stayed until around 2am.

Deciding that I don’t want to waste my evening with lying around in front of the TV, I dragged my tired body to the Metalab. “Unfortunately” it was way too interesting there, which made me come home way later than I expected (around 2:30am).

After three nighta with less than 6 hours of sleep, I was quite afraid of the evening, where red667’s birthday party was scheduled. Surprisingly it wasn’t as devastating as last year’s, but still was really good fun. Happy Birthday again you punk!

Since I took that day off, I finally managed to get some sleep. I wasn’t all lazy though, and rearranged my apartment to adjust to my living alone again. I now have a real living room, so my bed room isn’t jammed with electronic equipment anymore.

I’ve also received an invitation to become a beta tester for Joost (formerly know as The Venice Project), and judging from my short fiddling around with it, this thing is really hot. Expect to hear more about Joost, as soon as I have a little time to play around with it.

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