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Return of the Otitis Media

Two weeks after I stopped taking my antibiotics, the inflammation of the middle ear I suffered from a while ago decided to come back to play another show in my auditory canals. This means one more week of taking a lot of medicine, which will possibly lead to another depression caused by an extended period of soberness. But actually I’m not blogging to complain about my recent problems in coping with reality, at least not now. This rant is about the stand-in doctor I had to visit today because my usual GP is on – most probably well-deserved – vacation. Mrs. Substitute, if I have to wait for more than 90 minutes in your office, please at least pay a little more attention when I’m telling you about my medical record and don’t ask the same questions over and over again. Not ignoring my questions and telling me a little bit more about what exactly I’m supposed to do for the next few days would have helped too…

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