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In the Poker Game of Life, Women Are the Rake Man.

I just finished watching Rounders about half an hour ago, which is a really nice Poker movie and quite entertaining in general. Although the plot is a little too predictable at times, the great cast including Matt Damon, Edward Norton, John Turturro and John Malkovich more than makes up for it. The soundtrack was pretty cool too, so I decided to also order it along with a DVD of The Cincinnati Kid.

For additional Poker entertainment season 3 of High Stakes Poker started not too long ago and the first three episodes have been pretty good, although I’m already quite fed up by Mike Matusow’s constant babbling. I’m just not that happy with the player selection for the current season, since Phil Ivey and Gus Hansen are missing and I’d also love to see one of my personal favorites, Chris Esfandiari. Nonetheless I find HSP a lot more entertaining than NBC’s Poker After Dark, which had a great start when Phil Hellmuth was going ballistic in the very first episode.

I also found a really interesting thread on the 2+2 forums, where “Nate.” took on the challenge in turning $5 into $1000 in less than a week on PokerStars. I really wonder if the $5 Stars recently transferred to my account – I’ve only been playing Party and FullTilt lately – should be treated as a sign to try the same? ;)

Oh, and for the title of this post: It’s a quote from Rounders, and it’s as true as it gets.

Setting Orange, Chaos 35, 3173 YOLD