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Ill and Bored

Since I got a really bad cold accompanied by an annoying cough and have been feeling like sh*t for the past few days, I finally decided to call in sick today. So after sleeping long, all I did for the rest of the day was lying in bed, playing some poker (won my first HORSE Sit’n’Go), playing World of Warcraft, reading 2+2 and some of the other forums I regularly visit and watching The Simpsons. Although that may sound like a lot of fun, it actually wasn’t that great since (1) I really feel like shit and (2) I realized this wasn’t much different from most other days. Sure, the Poker and WoW sessions were a bit longer than usual, but other than that the saddening conclusion is that lately I don’t seem to be doing anything valuable with my time. But what’s valuable anyway?

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