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Videos for the Masses

Over the last few weeks the ongoing struggle between good (aka going out to party) and evil (aka work) has led to a severe lack of sleep and a general feeling of exhaustion. That’s why yesterday evening I only had some running sushi with friends and a few beers afterwards, before returning home before midnight. But instead of going to bed immediately, I made the fatal mistake of visiting YouTube to watch the videos Lotussteve, m3 and Red have recommended. Here are some of my favorites, thanks guys!

When I finished watching the stuff my friends had recommended, I started browsing around the site and found the following gem I immediately subscribed to:

Happy Slip Productions – A Filipina actress who is doing some seriously funny stuff.

After I freed myself from the black hole that YouTube is for one’s free time, I decided to finally watch Elephants Dream, an animated movie realized entirely with free software, which I downloaded a few weeks ago but never had time to watch before. It’s really great and of course CC licensed.

Boomtime, Bureaucracy 48, 3172 YOLD