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Ok, I often dream really strange dreams. But last night’s was an exceptionally funky one, which was also of the vivid kind which always leaves you pretty confused after waking up… It was set in an end of the world scenario which made the setting of Philip K. Dick’s “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” seem like a Disney theme park. There only was a small group of people – including me – left, who knew perfectly well that they were the last human beings on a dying planet. It was interesting how people coped with this knowledge, with emotions like anger, resignation and panic switching as often and rapidly as the sheets in a cheap bordello. But when finally everybody realized that there definitely was no food left on Earth (hey, who said dreams have to be realistic), nobody panicked anymore, but instead showed a strange kind of relief… And the morale of the story? If you’re interested in the movie rights, contact me before I completely forget everything.

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