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KDE vs. GNOME. Round 1, Fight!

This will probably result in a flamewar, but I’m really interested in hearing all your opinions here: after a long time of avoiding any desktop related software looking even remotely like it might have to do with KDE/QT and following GNOME development pretty closely, I’ve finally decided to have a look at KDE again.

To my surprise I quite like what I see. Especially Kontact looks like a spiffy piece of software, but other applications seem to be pretty cool too.

I soon should get a work laptop, and I’ll only install KDE on it to see how I like it for perfoming my day to day tasks. Everyone deserves a fair chance, I’ve once even tried Emacs for a few days to see why I love Vim ;) Once I start this little experiment, I’ll try to ocassionally blog about my experiences. Any KDE fans out there, please post some comments and tell me about cool stuff you think I should try/know about/whatever…

BTW: E17 also seems to have improved quite a lot since I’ve last installed it, and it looks really sweet.

BTW2: I’ve recently also rediscovered my love for Ion3, so here’s right another contestor for the “citizen428’s preffered GUI” competition…