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So What's the Word? RUBY!

This week I finally had a little more time to work on Gentoo related things again, so I commited some overdue packages to the tree.

The action started on Tuesday, when I commited the 20+ ebuilds from ruby-gnome-0.14.1 (mostly version bumps plus a few new packages like ruby-gtkmozembed). Quite a lot of users have been waiting for this, as the previous version we had in the tree (0.12.0) didn’t play nicely with GTK+ 2.8/GNOME 2.12. This problems are now sorted, so that quite a few bugs could be closed and marked fixed. :)

And then George released Nitro 0.25.0 yesterday, which found its way into the tree only hours later. This has mainly to do with the fact that I already had everything in place from the 0.24.0 release, which I then never commited because George said that there soon will be a release focussed on bug fixes and code clean-up. Apparently this has worked out nicely, so go ahaed, emerge Nitro and play around with it, I’m sure you’ll like it.

In the evening we had our montly Viennese Gentoo users meetup, which as always was really funny. I came home pretty late and my head still hurts, but it definitely was among the most entertaining evenings in the last few weeks. Thanks guys!

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