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Tell the Kids That It's Alright to Fight

Yeah, it’s time for a little update again, so let’s sum up the last week and a half, shall we?

On Friday the 16th I went to Neusiedl with some friends. We arrived at the camping site in the afternoon and had some drinks before going to watch the football match between the Wiener Sportklub and Neusiedl SC. We won that game 2-1 and I can’t remember when was the last time we celebrated a goal as much as we did celebrate the winning goal in this game. Later on we went to see a concert of Austrian Ska band No Head on my Shoulders in the surprisingly nice Bergwerk Neusiedl. The gig was great, and to my surprise the guy playing the guitar is an old friend of mine whom I haven’t seen for years. It’s also worth to note that our friends from Tyrol joined us for the weekend, which maybe explains why the partying continued into the wee hours and my memories are a little vague… And it’s probably also the reason why we spent the greater part of Saturday hanging around and doing nothing, except for a little shopping trip to the outlet center in Parndorf. In the evening we then proceeded to watch the game of Wacker Innsbruck (yes, that’s the way the team should be called) against Mattersburg in terrible rain. I’ve seen many football games under bad weather conditions, but this match definitely is among the worst, especially given that it ended 0-0.Because of university related duties the rest of the week wasn’t all that spectacular, except for our Gentoo LUG meeting on Thursday, which once again was good fun.

On Saturday me, my girlfriend and friends went to Styria where the Zotter chocolate factory had an open day. It was interesting to see how the best chocolate I ever ate gets produced, especially when there are loads of free samples! :) Later on we also visited the Riegersburger Turmschinkerei, which because of an event called “Kulinarischer Herbst” also had an open house on that day. They make great ham and other nice stuff, which you definitely should give a try! After some strolling around we then went on to visit Alois Goelles, who produces great spirits and delicious vinegar. As you may already have guessed, it was open house and free samples all over again, so we were already pretty full when we had dinner in a rather nice “Buschenschank”. Let’s try to translate this into English: It’s restaurant type of thing where you only can go to in late spring, summer and early autumn, and which sells local specialities. I know this description sucks, but it’s the best I can come up with…

The rest of the weekend was spent on Gentoo and other computer related stuff, but I won’t bother you with the boring details. Ah, before I forget it, I’ve finally signed up at, which means that from now on you can have a look at my personal music profile. I also found a great MP3 blog called Teach The Indie Kids To Dance Again, which I really like because it makes me find interesting music. BTW: I found this site while looking for a review of Gogol Bordello’s new album called “Gipsy Punks”, which you definitely should check out!

Now for some random links:
El Santo: A vintage fotonovella some kind soul translated into English and uploaded to flickr (via BoingBoing).

Nabatzag: One of the strangest geek gadgets I’ve seen for quite a while. Anyone wanna buy me one? (also via BoingBoing

A review of ‘3 Dev Adam’, a trashy Turkish movie where Captain America teams up with Santo the masked wrestler to fight an evil Spiderman [sic]. I have to see this one!

Alienware A vendor of ‘high-performance systems’ I haven’t heard of before reading a blog on Monologue. I kind of like their notebooks, although I find them quite expensive. Maybe someone who has first-hand experience with this company can tell me a little more about the quality of their products?