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Ruby Eselect, G/FBSD, MySQL

If you haven’t tried out eselect yet, you definitely should do so! Especially if you maintain one of the current foo-config and update-bar tools please consider converting it to an eselect module, to offer our users the benefits of a consistent and flexible framework, which additionally also has the advantage of fully supporting $ROOT. Also there’s good documentation for users and developers, so you won’t have any problems getting started. That said, I’ve written a replacement for ruby-config that Danny will commit pretty soon, so expect to see it in the next release of eselect.

There also have been some small updates to the Gentoo/FreeBSD installation instructions, and thanks to Cardoe’s input I’ve already done another patch that soon will be commited by one of our docs team’s members.

Last but not least I’ve written up a short guide for migrating from MySQL 4.0.x to 4.1.x which can be found here. It’s just plain text and based on Francesco’s mail, but he didn’t want to write something up himself. It was done late yesterday evening when I was really tired, but it’s better than nothing and we have a link to give out to our users.