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It's a Redesign, May I Keep It?

Ok, I’ve done it again. Another redesign. Guilty as charged. This is the forth layout since I started this blog and the third in the last 3 weeks. Here’s a little recap of all the designs:

  • MT – Trendy: A nice design by Sebastian Bergmann, but after a while it just got on my nerves too much and I can’t even say why.
  • Kubrick 1.2.6 port: After I got tired of my initial layout, I switched over to the Kubrick port done by Tom Sommer. I still think that Kubrick actually is a rather nice layout, but so do lots of other people, which is the reason you can see this theme everywhere…
  • Blogger-Tabacco: Done by Frédéric Wenzel, I tweaked the CSS a little to get the background image to the right and was pretty happy with the look. But after a really short period I realized that although I liked the colors and all, the design wasn’t “me” somehow…
  • The current design: initially based on the template “Joshua” by Hendrik Scholz, I’ve changed the CSS quite a lot already. Not only did I create my own banner graphic using Fyre, I also tweaked the colors to my liking and completely redid the sidebar as I didn’t like the one “Joshua” had to offer. There will be some more minor adjustments to the CSS, but otherwise, this is it, the new look of!

Please post any comments, desing proposals etc. that you might have as a comment, thanks!