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No Trouble With Tribbles Aka It's an Update!

After coming back from What The Hack I was full of energy and new ideas, so I decided to redesign my blog a little.

As you can see I haven’t only updated to the newest version of Serendipity, but I’ve also switched to the Kubrick template that so many people seem to hate. I really couldn’t care less, because I’m going to adapt the CSS to my own liking pretty soon. Up until then you theoretically could bitch about this boring design, but I think the template provides a clear and reasonably stylish look so I won’t listen to you.

What else is new? I’ve moved all the plugins to the right column and rearranged them a little, added a plugin to show some of my links as well as another one for random quotes, and reformatted most of the old entries because I got rid of a certain markup plugin that got on my nerves too much. There’s been some other minor tweaks like finally incorporating a Technorati ping, but finding those is left as an exercise to the reader…