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Ruby, Liferea, What the Hack

Last Saturday I went to a really nice release party at the Viennese Museumsquartier. It didn’t only feature free Caipirinhas, but also attracted a somewhat techy crowd, which not only gave me ample opportunity to advertise Gentoo and Ruby (Ruby on Rails in particular, as most people seem very interested in it), but also to discuss some interesting stuff with a package maintainer for the Trustix distribution. As there seems to be quitre some interest, I will probably give an introduction to Ruby at the very same location in August or September! :)

Next thing on my list is a pretty neat tip for all you Liferea lovers out there: If you want to subscribe to the Atom feed Google provides for your Gmail inbox, all you have to do is to add a new feed, where you choose “Command” as source type. In the dialog that pops up just enter this line

curl -s -u username:password
and from now on you can follow your Gmail account from your favourite newsreader! Disclaimer: Yes, this tip was blatantly stolen from the Liferea FAQ. Speaking from experience most people don’t read documentation, so I thought this might be useful here.

Finally I just wanted to say that I’ll be at What The Hack from Wednesday evening to Sunday, where I hope to meet lots of fellow Gentooists, especially the guys from the “German conspiracy” I already know!