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Vogon Poetry Primer

Ok, I was lying. No Vogon poetry here, just some nice things I’ve learned about today, when I had a nice chat with two long-time friends of mine:

  • A Sin City movie I haven’t even heard about up until now. Shame on me…
  • An animated Star Wars series called “Clone Wars” which I didn’t know before.
  • There’s a 47 minutes long independent Stars Wars fan film called “Star Wars Revelations”. It looks incredible and is totally free! I’ll post a review here as soon as I’ve downloaded and watched it.
  • RUSTBOY, an absolutely stunning looking animated short film project. The creator Brian Taylor tries to achieve professional quality with affordable home software instead of expensive 3d modelling and rendering software.

Note to self: spend more time on the web again, you’re missing out on good stuff! ;)