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Everything Plus the Kitchen Sink

Well, last week was rather relaxing for me. Besides adding German descriptions for GLEP 34, my Gentoo work only involved the occassional version bumping and keywording of Ebuilds.

This gave me some free time to start playing around with Ruby on Rails, which so far has proven to be an excellent and easy to use framework. Thanks to Rob for adding this to the tree, because I was too lazy to do it for several month…

I also spent the last week on trying out a borrowed Vodafone UMTS datacard for my notebook (nifty, anyone wanna buy me one?) as well as improving my Snooker skills (finally an 18 point break, woohoo!). And yesterday a friend and I did some good ol’ funny bluejacking while we were having brunch.

Finally I wanted to say that I really despise certain people who radomly whore out their Amazon wishlists. Actually that was just a blatant lie to shamelessly advertise my own wish list.