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Alexandria, Ruby-gnome2, Dev Page Redesign and Beer for Ciaranm

Well, actually I just wanted to add alexandria-0.5.0 to the tree. This however depended on ruby-gnome2-0.12.0 which means I ended up version bumping around 15 additional ebuilds and testing them for 3 different Ruby versions. I’d love to say that this was a funny excercise, but honestly I would be lying.

Besides that I finally took some time to start redesigning my personal dev webpage. Lazy bastard that I usually am, I just copied the concept and the style sheet (which I adjusted to my own liking) from ciaranm’s site. As I’ve always planned to buy him a beer for app-vim/gentoo-syntax if we ever meet, I guess that adds up to a second one. Now let’s just hope he never makes it to Vienna… ;) Anyway, I hope that my shiny new page will motivate me to finally add some content to it.

For the rest of the week university duties and lazyne…other projects kept me away from doing useful stuff, which is a bad thing™. Bad citizen428, no cookie!