Removes outdated links from your Pinboard bookmarks

This project is maintained by citizen428

unsavory – get rid of those stale bookmarks!

unsavory is a little Ruby script which checks your Pinboard bookmarks for dead links (HTTP status code 404) and removes them. Additionally it will also inform you about links which return a status code other than 200 (OK).


After installing unsavory with

$ gem install unsavory

you can start it from the command-line like this:

$ unsavory

It will first check if it can find the configuration file ~/.unsavory, which should have the following format:


In case this file doesn't exist, HighLine will be used to prompt for login credentials. If this gem isn't available, the script will display an error message and abort.

When run, unsavory will display a progressbar and an estimated time until completion:

Enter Pinboard username: citizen428
Enter Pinboard password: *************

citizen428 has 774 bookmarks.
URLs:            3% |o                                         | ETA:  00:09:34

It will also create a logfile name unsavory.log in the directory where it was started. The log contains information on deleted URLs, as well as redirects and all HTTP response codes other than 200 (OK).


Any link that returns an HTTP status code of 404 will be deleted without warning. There's no undo, use at your own risk!



Michael Kohl